Best Ice Cream/Gelato: Village Ice Cream


You know it’s good ice cream when people stand in line for it in the middle of winter. The weather does not stop Calgary from enjoying a good cone. Village Ice Cream has sourced the best flavours to serve you phenomenal handmade ice cream that is worth standing in the snow for. They have ten solid flavours always on hand like the classic Melted Chocolate or Maple Pecan, as well a couple new seasonal flavours to indulge. It is too hard to pick just one, so make it a double, or dare we say a triple? There is no such thing as too much ice cream, especially when it’s this good.

Location: Three locations throughout Calgary, AB.

Tel: (403) 457-9808


Winning Categories:

2017, Best Ice Cream/Gelato, winner.

2016, Best Ice Cream, Winner.

2016, Best Dessert, Winner.