Best Fries/Poutine: The Big Cheese Poutinerie


Someone told the Big Cheese Poutinerie that other restaurants had innovative, and well-rounded poutine menus, and the BCP was like, “Hold my beer.” Big Cheese has the biggest, most comprehensive, most ridiculous poutine menu you’ll ever see in all the land. There are options for vegetarians, traditionalists, the totally wild-at-heart, and even you yam-fry lovers out there. The Holiday Poutine comes with cranberry sauce and baby greens, while the Oktoberfest Poutine features sauerkraut and real German sausage. Ordering a large means, you may not have to eat again for several days, and, when in doubt: go for the classic, because if it ain’t broke, well, you know what they say.

Location: 738 17th Avenue S.W. Calgary, AB.

Tel: (403) 457-2873


Winning Categories:

2017, Best Fries/poutine, winner.

2016, Best Fries/poutine, winner.

2016, Best late-Night Eats After 1am, Runner up two.