Best Food Truck: Perogy Boyz


With an array of comfort food to choose from the Perogy Boyz are sure to make you happy, offering a mouthful of savoury and sweet perogies. You can chow down on Traditional perogies with toppings such as sour cream, chives and dill or venture into a new kind of perogy such as the Nacho perogies made with jalapeño cheese for an extra kick. If you still have room then I suggest venturing into the Decadent Chocolate Perogies with that deep-fried goodness we all crave. There is a funky upbeat vibe to coincide with your perogy madness as you are served by the interactive and lively group of boyz making sure your day is one to remember!

Location: Calgary, AB.

Tel: (403) 875-1252


Winning Categories:

2017, Best Food truck, winner.

2016, best food trick, winner.