Best Cocktail Menu: Proof



It’s in the… pudding? (Sorry.) Alright, but seriously. Proof is possibly the most comfortable, most comprehensive, and most devastatingly attractive place to have a cocktail this side of Havana. As their menu, graced by hybrid creatures, suggests: each time you visit is an opportunity to learn something new. Browsing through the “library of libations” (as their cocktails are organized by spirit), leaves this lady bewitched and befuddled – struck by the vast geography and history of this craft that I don’t know. Proof’s bartenders, though, are clear experts, and if for some reason the 40+ (!) menu cocktails don’t interest you, they’ll happily whip you up something special. There is simply no reason not to visit this bar, and we’re very pleased to see it win the gold. Oh, and don’t forget to Instagram your drink, duh. @proofyyc

Location: 1302 First Street S.W. Calgary, AB.

Tel: (403) 246-2414


Winning Categories:

2017, Best Cocktail menu, winner.

2016, best Cocktail menu, winner.

2016, Best Cocktail bar, winner.