Best Actor/Actress: Andrew Phung


A Native Calgarigan, Andrew Phung is a unique character with a full tank of energy. When he walks into the room, you can feel the air ignite with enthusiasm and passion. He started off volunteering at Loose Moose Theatre Company after high school, and ten years later he is still performing there as a Senior Ensemble Performer and Instructor. He spends his time mentoring young improvisers and is a great role model for them. He also teaches improvision at Central Memorial High School.

Currently, Andrew splits his time between Calgary and Toronto and stars in the TV show Kim’s Convenience on CBC which is currently filming season 2. Last year, Andrew won Best Local Comedian” and runner up for “Best Local Actor.”


Winning Categories:

2017, best actor/actress, winner.

2017, best comedian, runner up one.

2017, best personality who hails from calgary, runner up two.

2016, best comedian, winner.

2016, best actor/actress, runner up one.